Let's Get Acquainted!


Flying into First Grade is doing a Let's Get Aquatinted Blog Linky Party 
and I am so excited to participate!

This is my first year teaching ever and I had a little less than a week to set up my classroom in the beginning of the year which was overwhelming and even more so as it was filled with stuff! I cannot wait for next year because I plan on doing more to it.

My first favorite place of my classroom is my calendar area. I love having my kids run our calendar and weather time in our morning meeting. 

My second favorite place of my classroom is my kidney table. I have been noticing that this is a table where I put too many things on...I need to try and leave it clean for small groups. (Before this picture it was a big mess!)

My third favorite place in my classroom is my board where I put up work. It is a chalkboard and I covered it with butcher paper. I plan on turing the chalkboard into a cork board where it will be much easier to hang things up. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing my three favorite parets of my classroom! :)

Rocky & 1st Anniversary


It's amazing how my first year teaching is flying by! 
I cannot believe that I have less than 2 months until the end of the school year. 

My husband and I adopted a dog from the San Diego Humaine Society and we are in love! Our dog, who we re-named Rocky (because he is a fighter as he fought for his life), was found as a stray and needed to have surgery as he was badly injured. If it was not for the Humaine Society he would have been euthanized by the shelter. Thank God they performed surgry, because he is such a wonderful dog! He had surgery on his pelvis as it was fractured and he shattered his ankle. He has recovery well, and this past Saturday he no longer needed a wrap on his leg. Now he needs to get more strength in his leg, but still no excessive exercise.

The first day with Rocky.

My boys <3

 Being lazy during Spring Break.

 No more bandage! :)

And I cannot believe that this Sunday makes it one year that I have been married!! 
Our first year of marriage really fly by and I can't wait for the next years to come!!