Teachers Pay Teachers Store

Wow did this year fly by... 
The baby is almost here (any day now), 
there are 2 and a half weeks left of school, and I'm already on maternity leave! 
I choose to take the last month of school out to get myself prepared for the baby, 
especially since this is my first pregnancy. 

I will admit that this year I was a bad blogger as I did not post too many things I did this year and I will try to do better the next school year! :)

I will be leaving my current school that I have taught at for the past three years, 
and I will be moving to another school in the Diocese of San Diego 
and I will still be teaching kindergarten.

This year I made the jump and created my own Teachers Pay Teachers store! 
Here is the link to it: TPT Store

One of my products is a classroom management system that I have been using since my first year teaching using hand signals. This was one thing that stuck with me in my teaching credential program. Students raise their hands using sign language to communicate with you, so if you are asking a question and students raise their hands with an answer or a question, you know which student you want to call on first. There is more information about it when you check it out.

My second product is free and something I created for a math center. 
Students use number stamps and then draw the amount of things that they stamped. 

I hope you check out my store! Enjoy!