Mater's 1st Birthday

 Today is it's my puppy puggle Mater's 1st birthday!!

On the left is the second day that we got him and on the right is Mater and I on the 4th of July.
My Mater has gotten so big! I do miss him being a little puppy...but he is still adorable!
AND still a handful!! 

Since my last post I have been super again.
A few weeks ago I began my Master's program in teaching at San Diego State University.
It is a three year course, but is only held for 6 weeks each summer. 
I can't believe its almost over. I am ready for it to be over as I have been writing papers and doing lots of reading--I need a break!

I did get a chance to create a small area in my house that I am going to use for seasonal decoration.
The first one I made was for 4th of July!
I bought the ribbon and vintage tin picture at Joann's, the glass jar I bought at Micheal's, and I spray painted a candle holder that I bought from Goodwill. 

Here are a couple of pictures:

Until next time,


Cameo Cards

Hello everyone!

What a past two weeks it has been!
I began my Master's program in Teacher Education in Reading Language Arts 
at San Diego State University and subbed at Berry Elementary.

I subbed for the best class all year, which was 3rd grade pretty much all last week! 
I think I found my favorite grade! :)
However today I subbed for the worst class I have ever subbed for...a 4th grade class that had the worst behavior issues! Some kids are not good listeners.

On a creative note, I made these amazing cameo cards by the 
wonderful Mona Pendleton from Cupcake Creations 
at my favorite store PaperTales in Point Loma.
I had such a great time and Mona showed me some great tips!

Until next time!

End of the School Year

Hello friends!

Since my last post, I have been finishing my position as an Impact Teacher at Berry Elementary. 
It is very bittersweet as I am glad to be done and getting a break, but sad it really is over as I did have a great time as I learned so much from my principal, academic coach, co-workers, and students . The teachers at Berry were so supportive and amazing! I couldn't have been apart of any better team! I hope to be asked to come back for the next school year...They are going towards a year round schedule, so school will be starting July 30th, which means if I am asked back I should know soon. 
I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!

Here is a picture of my sad empty classroom.

Two pictures of me by one of my fifth grade students. 
(Who I think will be famous one day as an artist)

This first grade student drew my classroom and wrote:
"I like Mrs. Silva because she give me some cookies."
Isn't it amazing the things they remember you for! ;)

Since getting my house ready as I have moved in--which sure is taking a while-- I made this graduation card to a dear friend of mine who graduated with her Masters! 

Until next time,


Wow it has been a while since my last post! 

My life has been a whirlwind since April. 
I got married to the love of my life on April 21, 2012. 
My wedding was amazing and flew by (just like everyone said it would). 

We then went to Hawaii, Maui and it was absolutely breathtaking and wonderful!! I LOVED it there!! We went snorkeling, ziplinning, hiking, and we went to a luau. I want to go back, maybe for our one year anniversary :)

The relaxing beach right outside our hotel


This picture was taken by a guy from our snorkeling boat tour ride and it turned out to be such breathtaking picture. I was swimming on top of this beautiful turtle.   

The 300ft. waterfall on our trip to Hana

Hope you enjoyed my pictures! :)

-Tanya Silva

Leprechaun Surprise


Friday I celebrated St. Patrick's Day with my kinders.
A leprechaun came into the classroom left his little hat and left a trail of coins to a pot of gold!
The kinders were oh so excited!

After eating the chocolate gold coins and wearing the bracelets, we read the story, 
There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Clover.
I read it using the pocket chart, we read it together, and then the kids put what the old lady ate in her mouth! They loved it!

Then I posted different St. Patrick's day words around the room and they had to find the corresponding picture on the paper I gave them and they wrote down the word that was associated with the picture.

What a fun and successful St. Patrick's Day!

Sweet Challenge

Hello friends!

I am so excited, because I decided to join my first ever card challenge! 
This challenge comes from the amazing stamps from the Sweet Stamp Shop.

The challenge was to use any of the new stamp sets and create a project.
I ordered the Sweet Spring stamp set that was filled with great Easter/Spring images.
Below is my fun Easter card with an eaten chocolate bunny stamps. 

Hope you enjoyed it! 


Today was the unveiling of the Jose Montanya playground at Berry Elementary and it was so special! 
Jose was so surprised as his family and him came to school in a big limo and were escorted by 4 policemen on motorcycles! He was directed to a stage where he was presented with awards from city council men, the mayor, and our school. This was such a great day and birthday for Jose!

Here is a link for you to see it live on Fox 5 news!

Below are posters that I made to decorate my door as the school was filled with lots of loving posters!

Take care!


Hello Friends!
Tomorrow is a very special day for my school, Godfrey G. Berry Elementary School.
A 5th grade boy, by the name of Jose, was unfortunately diagnosed with brain cancer last year. 
He was given a wish by the Make a Wish foundation and out of any wish he could make, his wish was for our school to have a big playground for his friends and his little brother to play on. What an incredible selfless, amazing, and inspiriting boy Jose is to make a wish like this!! 

Tomorrow, March 1st, is not only Jose's birthday but the day the playground is going to be unveiled!
This is a huge deal as we were all told to decorate our windows and doors, radio station Channel 933 will be there providing music, and NBC will be recording the event! Each class was given the task to make cards for Jose, so I thought the Impact Teachers (there are 6 of us) should do the same! 
My card is below and the cover of the card book is also pictured below.

I can not wait until his sees the book and cards we have made him.
I am so excited for tomorrow! 
And to make this even more special he has no clue about this as this is a big surprise!! 
His family and him will be picked up in a limo and driven to school!! 
I am so excited for Jose as he is such a special child!!

Take care!!

My Bridal Shower

Hello Friends!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks...I have been very busy with wedding planning, bridal shower, lesson planning, furniture buying, and my puppy!

I recently had my bridal shower and it was amazing! I had a candy buffet and I made a banner and the labels for the candies. Below is a picture of it:

I also had my bride advice book and it was filled with tags towards the end of the shower with lots of great advice. However there was one piece of advice on a lot of cards: don't go to be angry. I will try not to do that! ;)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Take care!