Earth Day Activitie & The Bookman

We had our Spring Festival this past weekend and as a result we had Monday off.
So on Monday I went to this place called The Bookman. It is located in a wear house is full of donated books, run by volunteers and FREE for teachers! I went for the first time and left with a bag full of books, some big books, and even some donuts that the volunteer gave me! The only thing that is not good is their hours, because they are from Monday--Friday from 7:30am--11:30am, so only on days off or during summer vacation is it possible to go. I will for sure be going back during summer vacation!

I was so excited to do this sweet earth day craft from Miss Kindergarten with my kiddos!
They turned out wonderful!

I should have taken pictures of them before I put them up to show their writing, but I'll have to do that when I take them down.

Another fun earth day activity we did was bring in recyclable items and turn them into litterbugs!
I got this activity from a wonderful packet from First Last!
My kids had a great time using their imaginations to create bugs out of trash.

And here is a picture of me taking  quick break during recess. 
My grandmother gave me this gorgeous necklace for my wedding anniversary, so sweet! 


  1. what an awesome activity. I'll put in on my list for next year.


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