Caterpillars and iPad app


Spring break is such a tease, but at least we get some time off! Although I spent the whole time working on my big clear credential program assignment...I can't wait to be finished with this program! It is so unfair to go through all the grueling work of the credential program to only receive an "unclear" preliminary credential, to having 5 years to take basically the same classes to get it "cleared" for a clear credential!! And you would think busy work wouldn't be assigned...but you think teachers have time for that? Especially combo teachers?! Is this only in California?! 

During my break I ordered caterpillars from Insect Lore. I really loved doing this with the kids last year, so of course I needed to continue and do it this year. It is also a great experience for the students to first hand see the change from caterpillar to butterfly. 

The kids were very excited when they saw the caterpillars. And I can't believe that we've only had them for a few days and they have already made their chrysalis! That was so fast! 

Also I wanted to share with you an iPad app I stumbled upon called: Too Noisey. This app monitors the noise level in the classroom. There is a free version and then a paid version. I am using the free version, and I think it works great! 

My kids can get pretty chatty so I thought, why not try it? Today I used it in the class for the first time and it worked so well! Of course they want to make the lever move all the way into the "red" so I had them test it out and get thier excitement out, and then we did it for real. I told them each time they got to red I would take a marble out. I don't know if they believed me so, the tested me off course and I had to take a couple of mares before they finally got it, but after that it worked like a charm! 

Until next time!
Take Care!