We have been working on building our read to self  stamina since the first month of school!
When my kinders got to about 8 minutes I then introduced work on writing, then word work, and listening to reading. I don't think I want to do read to someone, so far now I am doing the "daily 4."

Today they finally did it, and read to self for 20 minutes!! I am so proud of them! 

This is my favorite party of the day now. I was really going back and forth whether it was worth all of this training, and now I really see that yes it is worth it! I can finally work individually with student or do small guided reading groups. I can't wait! I want to finish building their writing, word work, and listening stamina until the end of the month, which is one more week. Then I will finally introduce choice as well as begin to include CAFE strategies.


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