Hello Friends!
Tomorrow is a very special day for my school, Godfrey G. Berry Elementary School.
A 5th grade boy, by the name of Jose, was unfortunately diagnosed with brain cancer last year. 
He was given a wish by the Make a Wish foundation and out of any wish he could make, his wish was for our school to have a big playground for his friends and his little brother to play on. What an incredible selfless, amazing, and inspiriting boy Jose is to make a wish like this!! 

Tomorrow, March 1st, is not only Jose's birthday but the day the playground is going to be unveiled!
This is a huge deal as we were all told to decorate our windows and doors, radio station Channel 933 will be there providing music, and NBC will be recording the event! Each class was given the task to make cards for Jose, so I thought the Impact Teachers (there are 6 of us) should do the same! 
My card is below and the cover of the card book is also pictured below.

I can not wait until his sees the book and cards we have made him.
I am so excited for tomorrow! 
And to make this even more special he has no clue about this as this is a big surprise!! 
His family and him will be picked up in a limo and driven to school!! 
I am so excited for Jose as he is such a special child!!

Take care!!


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