End of the School Year

Hello friends!

Since my last post, I have been finishing my position as an Impact Teacher at Berry Elementary. 
It is very bittersweet as I am glad to be done and getting a break, but sad it really is over as I did have a great time as I learned so much from my principal, academic coach, co-workers, and students . The teachers at Berry were so supportive and amazing! I couldn't have been apart of any better team! I hope to be asked to come back for the next school year...They are going towards a year round schedule, so school will be starting July 30th, which means if I am asked back I should know soon. 
I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!

Here is a picture of my sad empty classroom.

Two pictures of me by one of my fifth grade students. 
(Who I think will be famous one day as an artist)

This first grade student drew my classroom and wrote:
"I like Mrs. Silva because she give me some cookies."
Isn't it amazing the things they remember you for! ;)

Since getting my house ready as I have moved in--which sure is taking a while-- I made this graduation card to a dear friend of mine who graduated with her Masters! 

Until next time,


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