Summer fever is in full swing!

And because of this, I have been thinking about changing things up in the classroom.
I had asked a first grade teacher at another catholic school about what she does during this time, as ALL of my kids have ants in their pants. She says she still keeps everything the same, but she orders caterpillars and that seems to get them excited and their behavior calms down a bit. 
So I decided to do the same!

I am so excited to introduce you to my new little pets!
(I feel like that I am as excited [possibly more] as my are kids about these little guys)

There are 5 of them and we named them:
Mrs. Silva (after me)
Mr. Silva (after my hubby [who had 1 more vote than me...])
Rocky (after my doggie)
Spiky (because they look spiky)
I can't remember the last one's name...

It has now been about two weeks since we have had them. They are much bigger than they were originally. And today when I came into the classroom they are all hanging in J shapes which means they soon will be creating their chrysalis! I am worried about the one in the middle you can see it is not on the lid where it needs to be. It is hanging on a web that the caterpillars had created...I hope he doesn't fall!

A couple of days ago, we also created the life cycle of butterflies using pasta.
I found this idea off of the amazing pinterest!

Thats all for now!


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