Linky Party


I am happy to be participating in Finding JOY in 6th Grade's Linky Party!

This linky party is: What will you do differently?

Even though the school year isn't over, I have been thinking about all of the things I want to do next year that is different from this year. This school year was my first year as a teacher, so therefore there are so many things that I want to do differently.

I need to be more organized! 
I catch myself just making piles and putting things in baskets for me to organize later. 
I need to find ways to organize my files especially. I don't have a storage room, but I do have a 2 drawer filling cabinet. In my garage at home I keep monthly bins where I put things as well, however it is a pain to bring things back and forth.
If you have any suggestions on organization I am all ears! :)

Like I said, as a new teacher I have learned a lot and will be making lots of changes.
I need and want to incorporate more writing, math centers, religion (since we are a religious school) etc. 
I especially want to re-vamp what I have been doing during guided reading.

12 more days left...can't wait!! 


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